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Call for Input--Healthy Aboriginal Network Resources

Residential school teacher's guide - evaluation

We have been funded by the Anglican Church of Canada to create a teacher's guide on our graphic novel, Lost Innocence, a residential school story. If you are interested in providing feedback please let me know and I'll send you the guide and a PDF of the book. As usual, we are not asking prescribed questions; we just want to know what you think about the resource and how we could make it better. There may be instances where our evaluator might want to contact you for more information. Something to consider.
For those of you in the education field, we invite you to go to to complete an evaluation of the guide. I still need you to contact me first though, so I can send you the PDF and guide beforehand. In both instances, we'd like to hear from you as soon as possible.
Family violence poster

We continue to work on a family violence project for the Legal Services Society (LegalAid BC). We are now onto a poster to entice young Aboriginal women (late teens to twenties) to read the comic book and watch the animated short we created for them. If you are interested in this subject and wish to help evaluate a series of posters it would be great to hear from you. Please contact me at at and I'll send you the posters by email.
Suicide prevention comic book

Our license for Darkness Calls has long since expired and the book is no longer in print. But we still get requests for a resource on suicide prevention, and even though we don't have funding for the project, we think the demand necessitates the creation. If you're a suicide prevention professional, or you work with youth that struggle with depression, please consider sending me 3 - 5 points you think the story has to contain. I can be reached at
Violence against women comic book

We started testing our draft this spring but quickly found the story too drawn out for younger youth. We re-cut it and would like to test it again. The target audience for the book is boys and girls aged 10-13 (we know you're a bit older but value your opinion anyway. :-)). The focus group short can be found at Please email all feedback to me at