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Skills Online - is it too late to register?

If you thought you had missed the opportunity to participate in Skills Online courses this Fall, good news. We still have a few seats available for the following courses, beginning September 7!

Registration closes August 23, 2015

To register, please visit

Facilitated courses:
EPI1 - Basic Epidemiological Concepts ($75)
EPI3 - Epidemiological Methods ($175)
HLT1 - Health Literacy for Public Health Practitioners ($175)
PHP2 - Evidence Based Public Health Practice ($175)
SUR1 - Introduction to Surveillance ($175)
SUR2 - Communicating Data Effectively ($175)

Self-directed courses:
COR1 - Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada Toolkit (free)
PHP1 - Introduction to Public Health in Canada (free)
PHP4 - Introduction to Literature Searching (free)

Skills Online is part of the Skills Enhancement for Public Health program at the Public Health Agency of Canada.