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Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety and Depression, The Hospital For Sick Children

Toronto, Ontario
September 12, 2015

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, 686 Bay Street

Join us for a family and community networking education day to learn about anxiety and depression in children and youth.  This day will help provide information on recognizing signs of anxiety and depression in children and youth.

Community partners will be available throughout the day to provide information on what’s available, where to get help and tips for getting the most out of a health-care visit.

Plenary Sessions Topics

  • Bullying, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Don’t Let Your Thoughts Defeat You:  Understanding Anxiety and Mood Disorders in Youth
  • Keynote Speaker:  Kendra Fisher

Workshop Topics

Adult Sessions

  • Medications in the Treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Navigating the Mental Health System: Getting the Help and Support You Need
  • Anxiety and Depression at School:  What’s an educator to do?
  • Helping You Help Them: A Guide for Parents to Understand Evidence Based Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Teen Workshops - Your Mind Matters (13-17 yrs)

  • Part 1 - What is Mental Health?
  • Part 2 - Help Yourself, Help a Friend
  • Part 3 - Smashing Stigma

Young Adult Workshops - Making Noise for Mental Health (18-25 yrs)

  • Part 1 - Everyone Has Mental Health
  • Part 2 - Reaching Out
  • Part 3 - Speaking Up & Taking Action

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