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RFP--School Community Maps, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Directorate, Toronto Public Health

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline September 11, 2015

The purpose of this RFP is to select a qualified proponent (Vendor) with the skills, resources and experience necessary to develop school community maps.

These maps are part of the Into Kids' Health Initiative of the Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Directorate of Toronto Public Health (TPH). There will be at most 16 maps developed across several areas of Toronto. The purpose of the maps is to raise awareness of families living in these school communities of healthy living opportunities (e.g. physical activity and recreational opportunities, access to healthy foods). This map will also be used to raise school staff awareness of these healthy living opportunities and potential partners. The actual places of interest to include on these maps will be identified through consultation with each school community.

The City’s range in budget for this project is between $30,000 and 40,000 (not including GST). Please note that this amount is only an approximation and does not reflect the total amount that will be paid to any Vendor. This amount is for information only and should not form the basis of any submission.

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