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Introduction to Engagement Organizing, Sustainability Network

September 17, 2015

1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

There is a growing trend towards people-centred campaigns, enhanced by technology and data. NGOs that wish to be a part of this trend need to retool around the best practices of organizing and engagement. Advancing our various issues has now become about how we best support engaging members and building leaders.

‘Engagement Organizing’ is an approach that strives to marry organizing, technology, and a culture of developing leadership in others. It represents a shift away from expert-driven, direct mail groups toward a model that focuses on nimble, data-driven, learning organizations that place relationship building and mobilization of supporters at the heart of their work. The result is resilient, effective organizations that continue to advance their work in an ever-more competitive world. Every organization from local to national working to achieve a mission can benefit from the growing practice of engagement organizing.

In this online introduction, session leader Lindsay Telfer, of the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, will introduce the concepts behind Engagement Organizing detailing a process your organization or group can use to get ready for the increased support this model can harness.

Lindsay Telfer is leading exponent of engagement organizing and an avid believer in the power of communities to come together and organize for change. She has been integrating concepts of engagement organizing within her trainings for the past 5-years.

The Engagement Organizing work of the Sustainability Network is supported by the Gosling Foundation’s Better Organizations for Nature project. The Gosling Foundation supports land protection, environmental education with special focus on nature appreciation and awareness.

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