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New Campaign and Workshops--Child Discipline, Best Start Resource Centre

The Best Start Resource Centre is very pleased to launch its provincial awareness campaign on child discipline!

The goal of the awareness campaign is to reduce the prevalence of physical and emotional punishment of children from birth to age 6. The main audience is mothers, fathers and other primary caregivers of children from birth to age 6.

The key element of the campaign is the website, containing eight videos in each French and English. Four of these videos depict parent-child interactions and expert comments based on age. The other four videos are interviews with parents of young children who share tips and normalize the parenting challenges. Additional links for parents are included on the website.

A number of promotional strategies have been developed for service providers, in French and English, to direct parents to this website: radio and television public service announcements, growth charts, graphics, articles, mini-posters, etc. All the resources are available at  

A complementary “ready-to-use” parent workshop is also available to be used with parent groups or through home visiting. This tool includes a DVD and facilitator guide, in French and English.

Background information on the campaign is available at

Full-day regional workshops are offered to service providers on child discipline strategies. The English workshops will be presented by Dr. Chaya Kulkarni, Director of Infant Mental Health Promotion, Hospital for Sick Children and the French ones by Kathleen Patterson, Mental Health Consultant.

For additional information on the campaign, contact