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Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization, University of Guelph

Be on the cutting edge and begin the Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization now!

Turning Knowledge into Action

The Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is designed to develop participants' KMb knowledge, skills, and values, as well as build capacity to select and apply KMb tools and techniques to move knowledge into action.

One year. Three courses.

  • Inform: Processes of knowledge translation and dissemination, In-person in Guelph, Ontario, November 5-7 and 19-21, 2015
  • Engage: Building capacity to understand and use relevant evidence, Online, May 2 to June 24, 2016
  • Act: Transforming knowledge into action, Online, September 19 to November 11, 2016, How will you benefit?

Who should participate?

The certificate is targeted towards KMb practitioners, policy-makers, service providers and researchers who are currently employed in or aim to work in the social sciences, human services and health sectors. We also welcome graduate students interested in building KMb skills or planning to work in one of these fields.

How will you benefit?

  • Learn how to build and implement knowledge mobilization strategies
  • Learn to identify and use evidence from various sources and disciplines
  • Develop skills of knowledge brokering and stakeholder engagement
  • Explore mechanisms to turn knowledge into action and support evidence-based policies and programs

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Tel: 519 767-5000 / 519 824-4120 x55000