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Youth 4 Action Grants Program, Canadian Cancer Society

Deadline October 9, 2015

The Canadian Cancer Society invites groups of youth ages 14+ to use their skills and creativity to educate their peers about cancer prevention and advocate for policy changes in their communities that support health.  A grant of up to $300 is available to youth groups to carry out prevention, advocacy, and fundraising activities.
As part of the Youth 4 Action program, youth leaders receive on-line training, guidance, and topic specific resources to support their project.  A toolkit of ideas is sent to each grant recipient to help the group be successful.  
Groups select one of the 5 topics to be the focus of their cancer prevention campaign:

  • Big Tobacco Lies: Join a movement of youth determined to expose the deceitful and manipulative ways that the tobacco industry markets their products to youth.
  • Tanning is Out: Encourage your peers to embrace their natural glow while protecting their skin from the harmful effects of the sun and tanning beds.
  • The Truth about Food Marketing: Take a stand against the ways the food industry makes unhealthy food seem cheap, attractive, and accessible while educating peers about healthier food choices.
  • Get Active, Stay Active!: Set up opportunities for youth to experience how being active is fun while learning about the positive benefits of regular physical activity on preventing cancer and increasing well-being.   
  • What’s your Cancer Exposure?: Educate others about how to protect themselves from cancer-causing substances we are unwittingly exposed to at home, at school, and in our community. Advocate for policies that help reduce our exposure to toxins in our environment and in consumer products.

Eligibility & Application Requirements  
High school, post-secondary and community-based youth groups in Ontario, comprised mostly of youth ages 14 and older, are eligible for a Youth 4 Action grant. Youth groups must read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Youth leaders – go ahead and submit your project using the online application but make sure you have approval from an adult associated with your group which would be a teacher, principal, parent council member, youth worker, Public Health Nurse, Canadian Cancer Society staff or volunteer, etc.
Fall 2015 applications open from September 23–October 9.

Visit for more details and to access the grant application.