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Social Media Webinar, Public Health Ontario

November 10, 2015

2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

The goal of this webinar is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to build a social engagement strategy. It will provide agencies and individuals involved in health promotion initiatives an overview of how social media redefines traditional communication methods and how it can be leveraged to expand reach, influence health decision-making and facilitate engagement and information sharing.

Presenters: Sophie Rosa and Alineh Haidery

Learning objectives:

  • Develop social media engagement objectives based on the strategic priorities of your organization.
  • Describe the main steps to elaborate engagement objectives, strategies and indicators.
  • Examine critical issues to ensure a seamless implementation of a social engagement strategy.
  • Provide an overview on monitoring online conversations (determine key words to monitor and detect patterns in search volume).
  • Identify top sites, keywords and audience uses. Choose topic-specific discussions and find teachable moments.
  • Assess how other organizations are competing for the attention of your audience.
  • Determine the right time to engage on a topic and how. Develop compelling search-optimizing content.

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