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New Resource--Canadian Injury Prevention Resource, Parachute

Parachute is pleased to announce the release of the Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (CIPR).
The CIPR is built to reflect the Canadian experience around injury prevention (IP) and is a momentous achievement for the injury prevention community. The Resource stands to educate a new generation of Canadian learners on the magnitude of injury in Canada, and the importance of injury prevention. It answers important questions like "How is injury related to income?" or "what is the approach to injury prevention in Canada?" among many others.

Divided into four sections, the Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (CIPR) is a comprehensive, timely, and evidence-based overview of injury prevention in Canada. Spanning over 500 pages, the Resource has works of over 60 contributing authors and aims to provide both individuals and IP practitioners a basic understanding of the area of injury prevention within the Canadian landscape. The evidence-informed content is intended to promote effective initiatives throughout the field and builds upon Canadian context using Canadian materials, examples, statistics and case studies.

This resource is free of cost and is publicly available to anyone interested in learning more about the field of injury prevention.
Visit to access the resource.