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New Resource--Canadian Best Practices Portal’s Expanded Mental Health and Wellness Topic Page and the Release of Mental Illness in Canada, 2015

The Canadian Best Practices Portal would like to invite you to visit the expanded Mental Health and Wellness topic page:

In an effort to respond to the complexity of mental health and to encompass the growing body of resources available, we have introduced three new sub-topics -- Mental Health Promotion, Mental Illness, and Suicide Prevention -- under this expanded public health topic page. You can continue to find surveillance data, strategies and guidelines under each sub-topic to inform your program, policy and practice decisions.

We would also like to bring your attention to the Mental Illness in Canada, 2015 report, recently published by the Public Health Agency of Canada: This report is the first publication to include administrative health data from the Agency’s Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System for the national surveillance of mental illness, featuring data that spans over a decade (1996/97 to 2009/10). Mental Illness in Canada, 2015, which is located under the Mental Illness sub-topic, provides credible and trusted information on the state of mental illness in Canada, and will support evidence-informed action.

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