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New Resource--Impacts of Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Legislation, Public Health Ontario

Cycling can have many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, reduction in the risk of chronic disease, and reduction of traffic congestion, air and noise pollution. As with all modes of travel, cycling can involve collisions, which may lead to injuries and fatalities. Legislation requiring all cyclists to wear a helmet is seen as a potential way to reduce cycling-related injuries, but the impacts of such laws are difficult to distill.   

There are varying perspectives on the utility of mandatory helmet legislation. While some studies have observed an increase in helmet use, others have explored the possibility of laws discouraging cycling use, preventing the associated health benefits. This debate suggests the need to evaluate the impacts of mandatory helmet legislation.

Public Health Ontario (PHO) has released Impacts of Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Legislation. This report evaluates the evidence of the effectiveness of mandatory bicycle helmet legislation for cyclists of all ages and explores where these laws were most effective.

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