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New Resources--Planning Health Promotion Programs: Introductory Workbook and Audio Presentations, Public Health Ontario

Over the past 30 years, the field of health promotion has developed as a way of acting on the root causes of health and wellness. An essential aspect of this is careful planning of evidence-informed, health promotion programs.  Planning includes strategic, program and operational planning, and involves a series of decisions based on collecting and analyzing a wide range of information.

The Planning health promotion programs: introductory workbook has been recently updated and outlines a six-step process for planning health promotion programs. It describes the importance of each step and offers tools to help complete the process.  To complement the workbook, a series of audio presentations provide a brief overview of each step. Both are available online at

For more planning resources, see the Online Health Program Planner, a collection of interactive worksheets to help organize thinking, expedite planning processes, and ensure a comprehensive approach:

Together, these resources can assist public health practitioners in planning high quality and evidence-informed programs.

PHO’s Health Promotion Capacity Building (HPCB) team focuses on building capacity in core competency areas of public health including program planning and evaluation, healthy public policies and by-laws including municipal alcohol policy, health communication and social marketing, community and stakeholder engagement, and other health promotion topics.  Find out more about our products and services on our department page, or contact us at