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Free Trade Across the Americas: Responding to the Human, Environmental and Spiritual Threat

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

(two blocks north of Bloor Street, one block east of St. George at Bedford Rd.)


* John Dillon, Research Coordinator, Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice

* Anna Dashtgard, Organizer, Common Front on the WTO

* Respondent: Ursula Franklin, author, The Real World of Technology.

Free Admission. Discussion. Refreshments.

On April 20-22 in Quebec City, the Canadian government will play host to a meeting at which 34 leaders of western hemisphere countries will continue to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement of the Americas or "FTAA" (aimed for completion before 2005). Organizers suggest the meeting will "address common hemispheric challenges, including economic integration, improved access to education, poverty alleviation, enhanced respect for human rights and democratic development." Many peace, faith and social justice organizations see it differently. They claim that the FTAA will in fact consolidate economic power in fewer and fewer hands, increase poverty and inequality, promote individualism and consumerism, violate social, cultural and individual rights, and sacrifice resources and communities. Come out and learn about the issues and the movement that is forming to create a powerful and transforming response. A short video "Bye Bye World" will be shown. You will be energized and

inspired! Help us consider what the FTAA means to our communities, and how we can respond. All are invited to come and learn about and reflect on these questions at this event which is sponsored by the Peace and Social Action Committee of Toronto Monthly Meeting (Religious Society of Friends).

For more information call Michael Polanyi at (416) 690-0079.