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Social Marketing Resources, Tools of Change

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As we approach the season of new resolutions, it’s easy to start thinking we can’t do much to improve our world and give up. Instead, log into the Ontario-based Tools of Change website, which features over 150 full-length examples of communities that have become healthier, safer and more sustainable by helping their citizens change their habits. All of the programs on this site have measured their success in changing common habits like driving everywhere alone, eating poorly, drinking then driving, smoking, and having unprotected sex with multiple partners. The stories are truly inspirational; they show what has been done – often close to home – and what might therefore work locally. Perfect for taking to your favorite organizer and asking if something similar could be tried where you live. Enough details are provided to support professional program planners in assessing and implementing each program.

You’ll find the website easy to use and chock full of practical facts. Each example provides program planning, evaluation and (where available) budget information, as well as contact details in case you want to find out more. The site was awarded the Society of Environmental Journalists’ highest rating as an information source for environmental journalists.

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