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Opening Doors: Stories of Migration and Mental Health, CMHA Ontario

March 10, 2016

10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (EST)

CMHA Ontario has developed this webinar series to support community mental health agencies in Ontario to enhance their capacity to respond to the needs of Syrian and other refugee populations in their local community. The series offers practical information about refugee mental health and service delivery, links to more resources, and lots of opportunity for Qs and As with subject matter experts.

The last webinar of this 4-part series (the first three are sold out but you can find information at is Opening Doors: Stories of Migration and Mental Health, presented by Dr. Irma Molina (PhD, Curriculum and Training Coordinator, The Opening Doors Project, CMHA - Toronto Branch) and two facilitators with lived experience of migration and mental health.

In this narrative based webinar, participants will learn more about the impacts of migration on mental health for people arriving in Ontario. Two facilitators will share their personal stories of mental health and migration, and answer participant questions about their experience. Dr. Irma Molina will share information about how community mental health agencies across Ontario can enhance their own capacity to respond to immigrant and refugee needs by working with the Opening Doors Project.  

You will receive a webinar link and detailed instructions before the event.   

Who should attend? Anyone working in Ontario’s community mental health sector.  

Register online at