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Network Mapping as a Tool to Engage, Measure & Strengthen Your Collaborations; Health Nexus

February 16, 2016

1:00–2:30 p.m. EST

Are you interested in learning how to understand and leverage your networks? Over the next few months, Health Nexus is offering webinars to help you think about your networks differently.

A major challenge today is how to successfully partner with other organizations, agencies, and groups to collaboratively address common goals. We are steadily moving away from the hierarchical organization chart. It is being replaced by a more emergent and adaptive set of mutually beneficial relationships that expand and contract as required to accomplish their task. In other words--networks!

As a participant in this webinar, you will:

  • discover the metrics and accompanying visuals that are available through the network mapping process
  • understand the strength based measures available when mapping relationships and measuring collaborations
  • learn how network mapping can help demonstrate how your collaborative is progressing over time to project  partners, community stakeholders and funders
  • have a chance to ask questions, participate in the virtual discussion and be inspired!


  • A telephone line and high-speed internet are required to participate in the webinar.  A toll-free number will be provided.  Connection details will be provided 2 days prior to the webinar.

Registration Fee: $50

Cancellation Policy:

  • Note: The registration fee includes downloadable participant handouts. Payment must accompany registration form. We will refund your registration fee ONLY if you cancel your registration two weeks before the training session for which you have registered. Cancellation should be notified in writing ONLY. An Administrative Fee of $10 will be retained on the registration fee when processing the refund.

Webinar Leaders: Penny Scott and Robyn Kalda

For more information or to register, please visit

For inquiries about registration, contact Sylvie Boivin: or 1-800-397-9567 FREE ext. 2236   or 416-408-2249 ext. 2236.

For content inquiries, contact Penny Scott: or 1-800-397-9567 FREE ext. 2222.