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Call for Input--Looking for behavioral programs with long-term outcomes, complex actions; Cullbridge Marketing and Communications

Deadline February 29, 2016

I am helping the American Forestry Foundation find successful behavior change programs with measured impacts that involved two or more of the following characteristics.

  • Long term outcomes (time frame of five years or more before the main environmental or health outcomes become obvious)
  • Complicated actions
  • A range of actions, some leading to others
  • Audiences are rural and mostly over 65 years old

If you aware of any such programs and advise me accordingly before the end of February, I will email you an abridged report of our findings. 

Please contact Jay Kassirer; General Manager, Tools of Change; President, Cullbridge Marketing and Communications; at
613-224-3800, 1-800-262-0934 x1, or
For more information about this project you can contact me or Kelley Dennings, American Forestry Foundation, at or 202-765-3644.