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Facilitators and barriers to best practice guideline implementation at an organization and staff level, RNAO

February 11, 2016

12:00-1:00 p.m.

Grey Bruce Health Unit conducted an evaluation of the barriers and facilitators to best practice guideline (BPG) Implementation at an organizational and staff level as part of the Best Practice Spotlight Organization candidacy. Best practice guideline Champions, committee members and lead managers were interviewed to discuss their experiences with BPG implementation. Results of the evaluation will be shared as well as recommendations for all organizations involved in BPG implementation.


During this presentation, participations will learn how to:

  • Monitor and manage BPG implementation at an organization level
  • Consistently develop strategies to facilitate BPG implementation
  • Use best practices to address barriers to BPG implementation at a staff, manager and organizational level.

Presenter(s): Lindsay Wonnacott, BHSc, MPH, and Sarah Ellis, RN, BScN, Med
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