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Bringing Various Elements Together to Fuse a New Understanding of Trauma and Recovery, CAST Canada

Allison, Ontario
March 29-April 1, 2016                             

The Nottawasaga Inn and Resort  

A Variety of Workshops, Discussions, Lectures, Brainstorming Sessions and Approaches

  • Creating Readiness For Change, Tom Regehr, Founder CAST Canada
  • Trauma Informed Brain Injury Across Sectors, Becca Partington, Coordinator, CAST Canada
  • Military and Family Support, Trauma Informed Motivational Interviewing, Kayla Lamrock, et al.
  • Trauma Informed Motivational Interviewing can cause further pain and trauma, Tom Walker, MSW, RSW, Human Factors Specialist, ORNGE, with Becca Partington and Tom Regehr of CAST Canada


  • Trauma Informed M.I.
  • Prevalence of Brain Injury
  • Military Support
  • Creating Readiness for Change

Request for Personal Experience

  • Volunteers--Have you been a volunteer? Do you have volunteers? Come and share your experience at this focus group
  • Military Member or Family--Are you part of the military culture? Do you feel supported? We’d like to hear about your experience.

For more details or to register, visit