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Self Management Support Training Workshops--Brief Action Planning, Central West Self Management Program

Brampton, Ontario
March 17, 2016                    

12:30-5:00 p.m.
2250 Bovaird Drive East (Basement Boardroom-Level P1)

Brief Action Planning (BAP) is a free, highly structured, client-centered self-management support technique. Composed of a series of 3 questions and 5 skills, BAP can be used to facilitate goal setting and action planning.

Each skill of the BAP tool is based on literature and the evolving understanding of what works and does not work to help people change. BAP is supported by evidence from behavioural science and self-management support that is grounded in the principles and practice of motivational interviewing.
BAP is being used in diverse care settings including primary care, home health care, rehabilitation, mental health and public health to assist and empower clients to self-manage ongoing health conditions including diabetes, depression, spinal cord injury, arthritis, hypertension, as well as disease prevention. BAP has been incorporated into teaching curriculums at medical schools, presented at health care/academic conferences and integrated into health delivery to support client self-management.

To learn more about Brief Action Planning please visit The Center for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation at

Intended Audience for the Workshops: Nurses, social workers, pharmacists, physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, dietitians, care coordinators, administrators, receptionists, policy makers, community support/outreach workers, recreation therapists, healthcare students and volunteers and all other providers who support person-centered care.

For more information or to register visit, email us at, or call 905-494-6752 x6

These free workshops can even come to your health service organization and team! Contact us today to learn more.