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Online Learning Module for Substance Use Prevention Standards, CCSA

Interested in preventing substance use among youth? Check out CCSA’s new online learning module on youth substance abuse prevention!

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has just released a free online learning module that will help prevention teams and professionals better understand the Portfolio of Canadian Standards for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention — a resource that provides teams with guidance, based on the best available evidence, on how best to plan, select, implement and evaluate their youth substance use prevention efforts (

Visit the Online Learning for the Prevention Standards web page to access the module:

The module is the first in a series of modules that will help the substance use prevention workforce in their efforts to deliver effective programs to reduce substance use and related harms among Canada’s youth.

The learning module provides users with a basic understanding of the Standards, and will help prevention teams, mental health professionals, school administrators, law enforcement personnel and others to plan, select, implement and evaluate substance use prevention initiatives in their communities, schools and at home.

Specifically, the module:

  • Introduces the Standards as a valuable resource in substance use prevention and health promotion;
  • Provides guidance in overcoming barriers often faced by organizations when first attempting to implement the Standards;
  • Clearly lays out how the Standards apply to policy making and day-to-day practice;
  • Walks users through case studies that provide examples of how the Standards have been put into practice; and
  • Provides a concise explanation of the tools and resources available in the Standards.

If you are interested in preventing substance use among youth, this is a great resource for you, and the best part is — it’s free!

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