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New Resources--Interactive Maps and Traffic-Related Air Pollution, PHO

PHO Interactive Maps: Health Services Locator and Raw Water Contaminants

Public Health Ontario has just released two new interactive maps. The Health Services Locator map displays the locations of hospitals, long-term care homes, PHO Laboratory and Regional Infection Control Network sites (RICN), Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) boundaries and public health unit (PHU) boundaries. The Raw water Contaminants maps provides information on contaminants in small, untreated drinking water systems.

Ontario Health Profile: Traffic-Related Air Pollution--Avoiding the TRAP Zone
Traffic-Related Air Pollution:

Public Health Ontario (PHO) has just released Ontario Health Profile: Traffic-Related Air Pollution.
The story includes a “primer” infographic, a more detailed interactive web report with local level data, and data tables. This story describes exposure and health impacts for traffic-related air pollution an interactive and informative way. Those who live or spend time close to major roads or highways face higher exposure to traffic-related air pollution, resulting in increased health risks. Action can be taken by policy-makers, health professionals, and individuals to reduce exposure and the associated health risks.

To see PHO’s other Ontario Health Profiles, please visit the PHO website: