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Self-Care for Front-line Staff, Optimize

Ottawa, Ontario
June 29, 2016

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
CFORP Building

Feeling stressed-out, a lack of energy, a loss of enthusiasm for a job you once loved?

Join Self-Care for Front-line staff and explore the reasons why you feel this way, and learn how to get your mojo back!

The aim of the training is preventative self-care leveraging emotional intelligence to manage "emotional labour," "secondary trauma" and stress/burn out due to compassion fatigue.

The objective of the training is a recognition of the stressors front-line staff face daily and strategies to maintain a healthy well-being that ensures greater productivity, passion for their job, and longevity in their careers.

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of empathy and how it can be depleted and renewed with specific self-care strategies.
  • An awareness of several, distinctive stressors, how to recognize and manage them for increased professional success.
  • Practical strategies to achieve a work and personal life balance.
  • Strategies for long-term self-care, burn out prevention, and compassion fatigue.
  • An understanding the optimal stress levels are within their control.
  • Understanding of the emotions needed to fulfill their work and a shared recognition.
  • Leveraging emotional intelligence for increased self-awareness, productivity and a rejuvenated self! 

Cost: $180.80 (includes HST)

For more information on this appreciative workshop, or to have this workshop delivered at your location, please visit our website for contact details