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New Resource—2016 Stroke Report: The stroke-dementia connection, Heart and Stroke Foundation

Having a stroke more than doubles your risk of developing dementia.

These two frightening brain diseases are closely related, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s 2016 Stroke Report, available online at at

Out of every 100 stroke patients without a history of dementia, 16 are likely to develop dementia after their first or subsequent stroke. One in three Canadians will develop stroke, dementia, or both.

And yet surprisingly, Canadians lack basic awareness of both stroke and dementia.

So how can you protect yourself? It starts with awareness.

Read the Stroke Report to learn about:

  • The impact of covert strokes — strokes that may go unnoticed but which can increase your risk of future dementia
  • How age affects your risk of stroke and dementia
  • The risk factors these diseases share
  • How preventing stroke can prevent dementia — and vice versa
  • Exciting research that could predict who is at risk – and improve prevention.