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Call for Participants—Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities Study

The impacts of gender and migration status on accessing direct/flexible/self-directed social funding for developmental services in Ontario

This new study explores the advantages/disadvantages, barriers and solutions for young adults with developmental disabilities and their family caregivers (Canadian-born and immigrant) when it comes to accessing social funding for developmental services in Ontario.

The researchers are now recruiting the following participants within the G.T.A.:

  1. Young adults with developmental disabilities (YADDs) between the ages 19 to 29 years (immigrant and Canadian-born).
  2. Family Caregivers (mothers, fathers and other family caregivers)(immigrant and Canadian-born).
  3. Service providers (working with YADDs and their Family Caregivers).

For more information please visit or contact Dr. Luz Maria Vazquez, Research Coordinator, at

Research Team: Dr. Nazilla Khanlou, the Women’s Research Chair in Mental Health at York University,  in collaboration with Ms. Gail Jones (Kerry’s Place Autism Services) and Dr. Karen Yoshida(University of Toronto), funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Funded by the Ministry of Community & Social Services