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New Website for Tamarack

When Tamarack was founded in 2002, the hope was to create an institute that would deeply understand community change and would help organizations and citizens work better together for a collective impact. Communities everywhere face increasingly complex challenges – from climate change to economic inequality to disruptive technologies – and our goal is to equip you with the latest in community change in order to effect lasting change in your community. So, we are constantly asking ourselves, how can we better support our learners as they face these complex challenges?

Change is at the centre of our work and so we have made some major changes to support our learners and make your work easier and more effective!  As a valued member of our learning community, we are excited to give you first access to our brand new online home! At, you will find:

  • The Latest--It is our promise to bring you the latest in community change. Explore our Resource Library and Latest section to read, listen and watch ideas from our learning community and beyond
  • Events--We're bringing the same great events with our learners in mind. Check out face-to-face learning events, including this Fall’s Community Change Institute, along with our online webinars to advance your learning and professional development
  • Ideas--Explore these five BIG ideas for making significant community change – Collective Impact, Community Engagement, Collaborative Leadership, Community Development and Evaluating Community Impact
  • Practices--Turn theory into practice by learning more about our two practice areas: Vibrant Communities: Cities Reducing Poverty and Deepening Community
  • About--Read about our story, our expertise, how we work and get to know the faces of Tamarack

So... What Do You Think?

Our job is to make your work easier and more effective. Do you think our new site does the trick? We'd love your feedback so that we can ensure we do everything in our power to support you and the incredible work that you do. Fill out this short survey to let us know your thoughts: or click the Tell Me More tab on the bottom right hand side of our homepage.