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New Resource--Eye See…Eye Learn Animated Infographic, The Ontario Association of Optometrists

We are pleased to share a new Eye See…Eye Learn animated infographic on the importance of early detection of vision problems in children along with two links from our recent digital eyestrain campaign.  Digital eyestrain is becoming a hot topic for families both young and hold with the prevalence of electronic devices.

Eye See…Eye Learn®

The Ontario Association of Optometrists’ Eye See…Eye Learn® program will start up again on July 1, 2016 for children entering Junior kindergarten this fall in Ontario. Children born in 2012 are encouraged to book a comprehensive eye exam with a participating optometrist. The eye exam is covered by OHIP using a valid Ontario Health Card. If the child is prescribed glasses, a complimentary pair is provided courtesy of our corporate partners.  Feel free to share this animated infographic:

Digital Eye Strain

The Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) has developed a series of four humorous videos to help educate the public about digital eye strain and the impact it can have on your eyes and overall health. The campaign encourages everyone to speak with their optometrist about keeping your eyes healthy.