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Seeking Participants--McMaster PEPSO study on precarious work

I’m doing some freelance work interviewing freelancers, consultants and contract workers (sessional instructors, artists, journalists, writers, community workers and more) for the PEPSO study (McMaster U / United Way of Toronto). As a freelancer / consultant / contractor, I’m hoping to provide a bit of a friendly and knowledgable face, and nuanced frame to be able to document some of our experiences.

PEPSO = The Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario ( has been going on for several years. Yet while "precarious worker" is a term that covers so much these days, it's not always received as the most accurate for people who have chosen to be independent, others who believe themselves to be only temporarily underemployed, and still more folks for whom “precarious” has been a historical, intergenerational reality.

The PEPSO team has had a hard time reaching such workers, in part because our schedules and whereabouts often have to change on a dime, in part because for us more than for others, our time is money. Also, as you will see on the poster below, we’re especially looking for folks with dependents, and hope to tease out people in the Greater Hamilton Area, but not only. All are welcome.

Transportation costs will be reimbursed and there is a $40 honorarium for the 90 minute session.

If you’d like to participate, please write to me at I hope that you will also consider circulating this poster through your networks as you see fit.