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Planning, Programming and Research Officer – Lactation Consultant,

Mistissini, Quebec
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Temporary Position

You feel the need for a different way of life? You yearn for fulfilling cultural contacts?

The Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay serves nine Quebec Cree communities located along the James Bay and Hudson Bay as well as inland around the Chibougamau area.

The Cree inhabit the area since about 5,000 years. You will discover a population of 16,000 natives proud of their values and their language, with a lifestyle different from yours. This vast and untamed territory is very impressive. The wonders of nature such as the Northern Lights and the snow as far as the eye can take you with awe. Life at the James Bay is far from being uninteresting. We are currently searching for two candidates to fill this position.

Person who is responsible for one or more programs with a view to providing professional assistance for the development of services. She/he conducts research activities that are necessary for identifying and assessing needs and resources. She/he designs and proposes plans in order to ensure adequate services planning and programs development. She/he may lead or support different levels of planning (strategic, tactical and operational) and participates in the development of capital projects by collaborating in the elaboration of clinical plans. She/he supports the development and maintenance of the health and social services management information system. She/he supports the development and implementation of services quality assurance systems. She/he provides advice concerning the implementation or improvement of programs and/or services. She/he may participate in various training activities, planning sessions, research and evaluation activities.


  • Must have a Bachelor Degree in health and or Social Science, health administration or another appropriate discipline; Or equivalent combination of knowledge and experience;
  • Must have: IBCLC Certification (International Board‑Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • Good knowledge of the «Baby Friendly Initiative» or having worked in a Baby Friendly certified facility;
  • Good knowledge and experience working with postpartum women Labour and Delivery/Post Partum Unit;
  • Demonstrated experience in assisting breastfeeding mothers in more than one setting;    
  • Demonstrated experience in planning, adapting, developing and implementing new programs, and maintaining existing programs;
  • Demonstrated experience in planning, adapting and developing tools and support material for program implementation and evaluation;
  • Ability to integrate Eenou/Eeyou (Cree) culture, values, traditions and teachings into programming;
  • Knowledge of First Nation health/social service models, trends and issues is an asset;
  • Knowledge of Cree culture, language, and social/health issues in Eeyou Istchee is an asset;
  • Possess leadership skills in working with individuals and groups;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written, oral and presentation;
  • Excellent critical thinking, synthesis, planning and decision‑making skills;
  • Fluent in English and Cree or French. Fluency in the third language is an asset;
  • Willing to travel.

Work Conditions:

The remuneration and benefits are according to the applicable policies of the MSSSQ Network. In addition, according to established internal policies, the employer provides a regional disparity premium, as well as 3 or 4 return trips to point of hiring, depending on the incumbent’s status (single or with dependants). The employer defrays the cost of moving and storage for employees recruited further than 50 kilometers and provides housing (when available). If this position interests you, please send your curriculum vitae to:         
Stephanie Tetreault, Recruiting Agent, CBHSSJB