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Skills Online: Course in Evidence-based Public Health Practice

Have you heard about our Evidence-based Public Health Practice course?

Public health practitioners apply an evidence‐based approach to program planning, implementation and evaluation in order to respond to new and ongoing challenges. This course will introduce you to concepts associated with evidence‐based public health practice. Learning materials focus on strategies for collecting and appraising evidence and the application of best practices using established resources and proven methodologies.

The course “Evidence-based Public Health Practice”, is a facilitated, Skills Online course that will help you:

  • understand and describe the steps of evidence‐based practice as applied to the practice of public health;
  • understand and apply the principles of good research questions in formulating an answerable question;
  • understand how to locate systematic reviews and primary studies of health promotion and public health intervention literature;

For a detailed description of the Evidence-based Public Health Practice course, and to register, visit

Skills Online is part of the Skills Enhancement for Public Health program at the Public Health Agency of Canada.