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Facing The Pain: Enhancing Resilience in Front-Line Workers

Stratford, Ontario
October 17, 2016

9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

In order to be effective in our work with vulnerable populations we need to be grounded, hopeful and focused. How do we do that in the midst of unprecedented changes in our mental health/health care systems? We are now expected by the government, our agencies and our managers to work with more clients who have challenging multi-systemic issues within fewer sessions and in a context of external community resources drying up.  Sandwiched between satisfying demanding government metrics and working with human suffering on a daily basis we are at risk.  We are vulnerable to stress related illnesses, ethical/moral conflicts, burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and PTSD.  

We owe it to ourselves to figure out how we can maintain our balance while we confront these workplace realities.

In this session we will discuss 4 key strategies for enhancing and maintaining our capacity to be a conscious and resilient professional.

Participants Will Learn To:

  • Identify the most obvious and the hardest core strategies for managing our experience of work place demands and working with vulnerable clients
  • Identify strategies for workplace resilience
  • Have insight into metapsychological phenomena (transference, projection, countertransference)
  • Discuss existential beliefs that guide and comfort us in our work with clients who experience unremitting suffering.


  • Early Bird Cost: $199 +HST (=$224.87) by September 16, 2016
  • Regular Cost: $219 +HST (=$247.47) after September 16, 2016
  • Early Bird Discount Ends September 16.

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