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From Textbook to the Street: Lessons learnt in Workplace Wellness

September 19, 2016

8:30-9:30 a.m.

Join the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC) and Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award Winner Marion Reeves, as she presents an informative case study:  "From Textbook to the Street: Lessons learnt in Workplace Wellness."

Marion Reeves, Wellness Co-ordinator for Peel Regional Police, will discuss successes and pitfalls that have helped shaped the healthy lifestyle program in an organization with a para-military culture and challenges that range from shift work to multiple locations and changes in policing.  Using her theoretical knowledge gained from teaching program planning in the post-graduate Workplace Wellness program at Centennial College, Marion will share stories of the development of some of the unique programs that have been tweaked and retooled as technology and other influences have created barriers and opportunities.  The talk will include examples from the proactive aspect of both lifestyle and disease management perspectives.

This a webinar only event.

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