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Motivational Interviewing Skills Workshops Available from the ON Lung Association

Are you a health care professional interested in Motivational Interviewing skills, or refreshing your MI skills? Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a “collaborative, person-centered form of guiding to elicit and strengthen motivation for change.” (Miller and Rollnick, 2009).  MI has a robust evidence base across a range of health behaviours, including patient self-care, adherence to management plans, tobacco cessation and general health behaviour change. (Anstiss 2009). This course explores the use of motivational interviewing to improve the care of patients and the quality of service in the treatment of addictions. (CAMH, 2016).  For individuals seeking help with their addictions and/or behaviours, two of the most common obstacles are ambivalence (uncertainty) and the fear of change.  Simply telling your patient to change often leads to detachment and resistance that can hinder them to seek treatment. Motivational interviewing helps overcome these barriers so that your patient can move forward to treatment and change. Not just for people seeking help, it is a tool to help people get to that point as well.

This workshop is available to individuals who provide consultation in the treatment of addictions.  It addresses the foundation skills and underlying philosophy of MI using case-based learning, hands-on practice and take-away tools.  Opportunities to recognize and integrate MI skills into practice are also provided throughout this interactive workshop.

Workshops are available in full or half day sessions.

  • Full Day: Breakfast and lunch included. 
  • Half Day: Lunch included.

To set up a free workshop for your team or organization contact The ON Lung Association at or 1-888-344-LUNG (5864).