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Mother Matters Recruitment, Women's College Hospital

Mother Matters is a 10-week online support group run by the Mental Health Program at Women’s College Hospital. It will take place on a confidential discussion board, giving participants the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences, while learning from and supporting other mothers. Each week a new topic will be explored, relating to issues that commonly emerge during the first year of life with a new baby.

This group is geared towards women with mood /adjustment challenges following the birth of their baby who live in Ontario.

Registration for Mother Matters’ fall and winter groups is open. These groups will be conducted as part of a research study. All women who meet the eligibility criteria will have the opportunity to participate in the group.

If you are a service provider and would like detailed information and recruitment materials, please email the study coordinator, Neesha Hussain-Shamsy at

For more information (including how to register), visit