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New Resource--Snapshots: Risk Factors for Healthy Child Development, PHO

Our range of Snapshots, on topics like chronic disease, health behaviours, infectious disease, injury and substance misuse and mortality, help users make sense of health data. Check them out to see how we use interactive maps, charts and tables to show public health unit comparisons and trends over time:
Our new Snapshot on Risk Factors for Healthy Child Development is the first publically available population health assessment product to use Healthy Babies, Healthy Children (HBHC) Integrated Services for Children Information System (ISCIS) data. We hope that this Snapshot will move the field toward greater use of HBHC-ISCIS data for population health assessment purposes. This Snapshot features the most recently available data on:

  • Infants with a mother as a single parent
  • Mothers and/or infants in families with no designated primary care provider
  • Mothers with no OHIP number
  • Infants with families in need of newcomer support
  • Infants with families who have concerns about money
  • Parents or partners with a mental illness
  • Parents or partners with a disability
  • Involvement with Child Protection Services

Coinciding with the release of the Snapshot, data in the Maternal Health Snapshot has also been updated with new data and several new indicators, including smoking, anxiety, depression and weight gain:

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We would like to thank the the Ministry of Child and Youth Services and Family Health Managers HBHC Providers from Public Health Units across Ontario for their substantial input on this project.