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Storytelling for Public Health and Tobacco Control, PTCC

[Date changed October 20, 2016]

November 9, 2016

1:30 to 3:00 p.m. (EDT)

We all know a good story when we hear it but how do they really work?  

This webinar will explore the art of storytelling, providing participants the opportunity to learn about best practices for creating and delivering stories more effectively.   

Join us in discovering the structure and technique that makes stories compelling, engaging and memorable. Your adventure in storytelling awaits — it's just a short registration click away.

Presented by Jay Golden, Story Coach and Co-Founder of Wakingstar, a storytelling coaching and training organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learning Objectives

Participants will

  • Learn about how to find, shape and share a story to make it memorable and re-tellable
  • Establish a firm understanding of the storytelling framework called the Journey Curve and how it can be used to deliver impactful stories
  • Explore the art of storytelling and how the techniques can be applied to better communicating public health messages

Target Audience

This webinar will be of interest to public health practitioners and communications professionals working in comprehensive tobacco control.

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