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A Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation

A Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools will help you learn how to create them. This guide brings together a number of policies from the City of Toronto that residents can use to request street improvements. It explains the policies step-by-step, and shares advice about which ones may be most relevant to you.

After reading this guide, you will be better informed about the importance of active transportation  (getting around using your own energy, such as walking, cycling, or using a scooter, wheelchair or roller-blades).  You will also learn how you, as a resident, can contribute to neighbourhood changes that slow the speed of vehicles and make it safer for people to cross the street.

Explore its four sections:

  1. Getting Started: We take you through the steps of who to contact, defining the problem, and understanding the possible paths forward
  2. Potential Paths:  We describe three paths that you may want to follow depending on your particular problems, goals, and the road class(es) you are trying to change.  They are:
    • Speed Limit Measures,
    • Traffic Calming Measures, and
    • Intersection and Major Road Crossing Measures.
  3. Research and Resources: We provide you with research and other resources from around the world to help you make strong arguments for the changes that you want to see.
  4. Toolkit: Changing the way your streets look and function is only one piece of the puzzle. The focus of this guide is City of Toronto policies, but we also share a Toolkit of valuable resources that will help you teach about road safety and connect with your school council and Councillor. For a variety of other educational and promotional tools that you can use no matter where you live, we encourage you to visit

Download the Safer Streets Near Schools guide at