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How to be an Ally: Islamophobia at the Intersections, Centre for Social Innovation and Rania El Mugammar

Toronto, Ontario
November 28, 2016

6:30 to 9:30 p.m

Many of us work up Wednesday morning to dark news, capping off what has already been been one of the darkest years in memory. With overtly racist rhetoric inundating us from all sides, we want to take action, combat prejudice, and support the communities being victimized, but we’re not always sure where to begin.

With this latest event in the How to be an Ally series, the Centre for Social Innovation and Rania El Mugammar are collaborating to present a panel discussion and Q&A that explores manifestations of Islamophobia in the context of Canada from the lens of diverse folks with spiritual, ancestral, religious, cultural and familial connections to Islam. The event will focus on community organizing strategies, building safe spaces for Muslims from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences and addressing the different ways in which Islamophobia manifests itself at the internalized, interpersonal and institutional levels. The event is for anyone wanting to learn about how we can address Islamophobia together.

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