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New Resource--Guide to Facilitate Discussions about Youth Cannabis Use in Your Community, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Marijuana — its medical uses, effects and legalization — is a common topic of discussion of late amongst members of the public and health professionals, and in political circles. These discussions might be influencing perceptions of the drug. Unfortunately, the information shared or debated is not always accurate, and can lead to confusion and poorly informed decision making. For example, consultations by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) across Canada have revealed that many youth and adults still hold misperceptions about the effects of marijuana.

To help you engage your community on the topic of marijuana and its effect on youth and families, CCSA is pleased to announce the release of a Guide to Facilitate Discussions about Youth Cannabis Use in Your Community.

Why did we create this guide?

CCSA recently held events across Canada to share the latest research evidence on youth cannabis use, and attendees told us they wanted to continue these discussions in their neighbourhoods. To support interested communities, CCSA created this guide to help you share current and accurate evidence related to the effects of marijuana use on youth and facilitate important conversations where you live and work.

The guide is geared towards hosting a knowledge-sharing event in your community and includes:

  • A recording of a live panel with researchers in neuroscience, psychosocial development and mental health;
  • A guide for hosting these discussions in your community;
  • Practical tools to help you plan your event, including a sample agenda, a checklist and budget considerations;
  • Answers to commonly asked questions on the topic; and
  • An evaluation form to collect participant feedback.

We are pleased to make these resources available for you. If you plan to hold an event in your community, however, we ask that you commit to providing us with your evaluation data using the form provided.

Check out our webpage at for more details or contact us at if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing about how you use the guide!