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Game On--Sport Participation as a Vehicle for Positive Development for Youth Facing Barriers, YouthREX

January 31, 2017

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EST

Sport is the most popular extra-curricular activity for youth across Canada and has been identified as an important environment to foster psychosocial development in youth. It is particularly important for youth facing barriers to access and benefit from these opportunities.

YouthREX has created a Research to Practice report summarizing the current state of research on youth development within community-based programs for youth with a focus on sport and/or physical activity, both theoretically and empirically. It identifies strategies and best practices for fostering youth development within community-based sport and/or physical activity contexts.

Finally, it provides recommendations for community-based youth sport programmers to incorporate positive youth development frameworks, approaches, and strategies into their programs.

This report will deepen the impact of youth sport programs, particularly those working with youth facing barriers, and improve our understanding of how to intentionally structure sport programs to support psychosocial development.

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