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Engage your Community for Change, Tamarack Institute

London, Ontario
February 27, 2017

To make real and lasting change we need to engage the community – to deeply listen to their stories, to ask for ideas, to leverage the passion and commitment of citizens, and empower the community to lead. It is essential that we stop only asking for input (we call this 'consul-take-sion') and realize that the most successful work in community is done in collaboration with the community.

In this workshop we will examine Community Engagement theory and practice, discuss the fundamental shifts over the past ten years, and highlight the multitude of ways that technology can be used to enhance your community engagement efforts. We will dive deeper into the latest methodologies and technologies that enable the brainstorming of ideas, voting, surveying, and community decision making, and challenge yourself to go deeper in your community engagement efforts.

This workshop is for people who have a deep interest in Community Engagement, are eager to use technology, and want to expand their understanding and improve their engagement practices.

This workshop is led by Lisa Attygalle, Director of Engagement at Tamarack.

For more information or to register, please visit