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Call for Content--2017 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Connections and Partnerships: Collaboration as a Key to Knowledge Mobilization

Deadline March 15, 2017

The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum was created in 2012 as a professional development forum for practitioners and professionals working in knowledge mobilization across fields and sectors. It has become recognized as a premiere learning and networking event in Canada – friendly, open, limited in size, and creative.

May 17-18, 2017

The theme for 2017 is Connections and Partnerships: Collaboration as a Key to Knowledge Mobilization.
From the very start of the conversation about Knowledge Mobilization in Canada, connections and partnerships have been part of the narrative.  Collaboration is a key component of many, if not most activities in Knowledge Mobilization.  True to the meaning of the word, collaboration is often hard work.  It requires us to co-labor together, to co-construct priorities, programs, policies, processes that lead to the use of evidence.  Together, we build better communities and societies.

The theme for 2017 focuses us on how to be better together.  We invite participation that will push thinking and engagement of the knowledge mobilization community further. 

We are seeking presentations, posters, workshops, and open-space activities that facilitate active participation, networking, reflection and learning.

We are driven by an objective of allowing you to design your own conference experience that reflects your interests, experience, priorities and learning styles.  Drawing on the assets of the National Capital Region, leaders in knowledge mobilization from all across Canada and beyond, it is our hope you will come away from CKF17 enriched, energized and engaged in this field like never before.

The deadline for contribution is March 15, 2017.

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Note: Selected content must be presented by a registered participant.

Further conference details will be posted on the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization’s website: