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Call for Abstracts--Early Years 2018, University of British Columbia

Deadline May 31, 2017

This conference will explore the complex factors impacting children’s development, recognizing the essential aspect of nurturing relationships within families and in our professional roles as the cornerstone of strengthening children’s resilience. The conference will highlight many of the considerations and practices in work with young children and their families, particularly as we adapt to our rapidly changing society.

Vancouver, British Columbia
January 25 - 27, 2018


During the Early Years 2018 conference, participants can expect to:

  • Consider the influence of diverse social and cultural factors, including digital media and technology, in the context of child and family development
  • Recognize the impact of trauma, including intergenerational trauma, and other adverse life experiences
  • Consider how children with special needs experience and interact across different environments
  • Enhance our understanding of inclusive approaches in supporting the child, family and community
  • Review evidence based approaches aimed to strengthen resilience in young children and their families

Call for Abstracts

Abstract guidelines including format and length options, can be found on the "Call for Abstracts" section of our Early Years conference website:

Abstracts must be submitted through the online electronic submission form at   

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2017