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Emergency Planning and the Non-profit Sector, Ontario Nonprofit Network

March 28, 2017

12:00- 1:00 pm.

It’s an emergency! Is your nonprofit ready?

Forces of nature can quickly change our cities. If your city or town issued a statement emergency, shutting down electricity and water, how prepared is your organization to continue operations? Western Calgary’s 2013 major flood is one example, with the city shut down and 10% of the city evacuated. Emergency preparedness and response was not part of the nonprofit or public sector mindset, even though the sector plays a key role responding and recovering from emergencies.

Each organization needs to have policies and alternative infrastructures. This is expensive so building capacity (resources, funding) and collaborations (networks and communication) between nonprofits is crucial to providing continuity of service during emergencies. With an increased community demand for service and support during these times, nonprofits and the public sectors need to build up their capacity to deliver.

Learn how multiple stakeholders from the public and nonprofit sectors can collaborate on a model for better emergency response. This is something many of us have on our to-do lists, so let us help you take action to be prepared!

During this webinar, you will:

  • Hear first-hand how the Calgary nonprofit sector responded to the 2013 Southern Alberta flood, and how it created a multi-sectoral partnership to respond
  • Find out how nonprofits can build their capacity to provide continuity of service during emergencies and respond and recover from emergencies
  • Learn examples of how nonprofits can partner with government and other sectors in emergencies and what should nonprofits consider when partnering
  • Get emergency planning resources and get your questions answered

Presenters: Mike Grogan, Vice President, Programs and Operations at the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations and Jennifer Whelly, Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management, City of Toronto

Cost: $30 for ONN members/ $60 for nonmembers

For more information or to register, please visit