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Making the Business Case for Community Transportation, Ontario Community Transportation Network

March 24th, 2017

10:00-11:30 a.m.

A free, follow-up session to the In-Person Forum on March 9th.

Do you need help building the case for transportation “investment” in your municipality?

Then this session will help you…

Learn about what is being done in the USA to “make the case” for Community Transportation (CT) and how it could inform action in your municipality. A detailed framework for estimating and evaluating the economic impact of community transportation services will be provided, along with practical application.

This webinar will –

  • Deliver highlights from research & on-the-ground practice conducted in the USA with respect to generating a Cost-Benefit Analysis for investing in and offering Community Transportation
  • Present a methodology for assessing the benefits of Community Transportation
  • Provide an overview of cost-benefit research on the provision of transit in rural and small urban areas in the USA
  • Offer lessons from south of the border and how they relate to Canada & Ontario – including what resonates with local leaders and decision-makers


  • Ranjit Godavarthy is an Assistant Professor of Transportation, and an Associate Research Fellow at the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center, at North Dakota State University. He has been involved in working with various transportation engineering research projects in areas such as public transportation, transportation safety, pedestrian studies, low volume road safety, roundabout studies, traffic control devices, and freight transportation. For the past 4 and half years, he is actively involved in researching ways to increase mobility of residents in small urban and rural areas through improved public transportation in United States. His research areas include transit in small urban and rural areas and transit’s contribution towards rural livability.
  • Chris Zeilinger is Assistant Director at the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA). His areas of activity at CTAA encompass an array of technical assistance to transportation agencies, transportation-related community and economic development initiatives, training and professional development, transit technology, and helping guide the association's policy agenda around topics of public transportation planning, programming and community participation. Chris's current projects at CTAA focus on using transportation as a catalyst for economic development in rural communities, helping improve the participation of low-income and minority community stakeholders in promoting environmental justice, and advancing the ways in which all modes of transportation are planned and designed in rural areas, smaller cities and metropolitan areas.
  • Moderator: Lisa Tolentino, Facilitator, Ontario Community Transportation Network (OCTN)

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