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New resource from Public Health Ontario and the Smoke-Free Ontario Scientific Advisory Committee 2016--What’s new in tobacco control for Ontario?

Tobacco continues to be a leading cause of preventable death in Ontario. Approximately two million Ontarians still smoke and tobacco use is responsible for 13,000 deaths per year. That’s 36 deaths per day.

PHO is pleased to announce the release of our new tobacco control report Evidence to Guide Action: Comprehensive Tobacco Control in Ontario (2016) ( a report of the Smoke-Free Ontario Scientific Advisory Committee (SFO-SAC 2016). The Report provides up-to-date evidence on 56 interventions for reducing tobacco use in Ontario and covers the four pillars of tobacco control: industry, prevention, protection and cessation.

The findings from this report will help guide evidence-informed decision making on:

  • comprehensive tobacco control program planning and evaluation
  • developing tobacco policies and strategies
  • opportunities for future tobacco research

The SFO-SAC 2016 is a committee made up of top tobacco control scientists and experts in Ontario, with an international Chair.

Want to learn more about the report?

PHO has created additional resources to accompany the report including: an introductory video, one page visual summary and downloadable Executive Summary. Please visit the webpage for details:

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