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Calling All Health Communication Coordinators from Ontario Public Health Departments

Are you responsible for centrally coordinating and/or supporting some or all of the health- communication activities of your Ontario public health department? In Toronto, on September 22, The Health Communication Unit (THCU), in partnership with Health Promotion Ontario-public health [HPO(ph)], will be offering one health communication coordinator from each health department the opportunity to meet as a group and discuss their networking and continuing-education needs. In addition, THCU will be demonstrating their new online, interactive, health-communication campaign-planning tool, and the potential for this group to become a permanent subgroup of HPO(ph) and/or an advisory group to THCU will be discussed. This session will be offered between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m.m at the University of Toronto, as a part of the HPOph annual spring meeting (there is no need to be a member of HPOph to attend this session). Please join us! To register, please contact

Jodi Thesenvitz

Health Promotion Consultant, THCU

Tel: (519) 837-3659

Please visit for information about the other activities that will be taking place as a part of the annual HPO(ph) spring meeting. For more information about THCU, please visit