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Opioids across the Lifespan: Transitional Aged Youth, RNAO

July 20, 2017

11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (EDT)

Part 2 of a 3 part webinar series that is co-hosted by the Opioid Resource Hub (PSSP/EENet) and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.
Opioids are commonly prescribed pharmacological intervention used to treat physical pain, and Canada is now the second highest consumer of opioids in the world. While opioids may address physical and/or indirectly psychological pain for some people, they can also be dangerous (even when taken as prescribed), and can lead to problematic opioid use, overuse, dependence, overdose, or death. This 3-part webinar series will examine opioids across the lifespan starting with the early years (maternal/prenatal), transition-aged youth and lastly, older adults.
The objectives of this webinar series are to:

  • Understand the risks and harms of opioid use for different populations.
  • Understand treatment options for working with different populations.
  • Explore case-based examples that illustrate the unique considerations of working with different populations.  


  • Dr. Kim Corace – The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
  • Lori Naylor & Stephen Chatterton – Breakaway Addiction Services

Who should attend: Nurses such as RNs, NPs and staff nurses in hospitals, nursing students, primary care providers, public health and health promotion professionals, other allied health-care providers and policy makers.
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