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Health Equity Impact Assessment Online Course, Public Health Ontario

Working in Health Equity?

Be sure to see our new Health Equity Impact Assessment online course:
We recognize the importance of identifying, understanding and mitigating disparities in health status, health behaviours and access to health services in Ontario. This course assists practitioners with understanding the basic principles that underlie the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s HEIA tool (  and gives practical training on how to implement the tool.  After working through the modules, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand the concepts of equality and equity, health equity, and health inequity
  2. Explain the relationship between health inequities and the determinants of health
  3. Recognize when, and how, to use the Health Equity Impact Assessment tool
  4. List activities undertaken during each step of the Health Equity Impact Assessment tool
  5. Describe the key considerations for planning a Health Equity Impact Assessment
  6. Apply the Health Equity Impact Assessment tool to a practice based example

Our modules can also provide an introduction to foundational Health Equity concepts for those not familiar with them.

Interested in learning more, or refreshing your knowledge? Check out the modules online – Start now: Health Equity Impact Assessment course at

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